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The standard acid storage tank used by the oil industry is a steel "frac" tank, originally developed to store water. Since acid corrodes steel, most acid tank operators simply install an acid-resistant liner inside the tank. During transport, these walls flex and cause cracks that lead to liner failure.

Our new, patented acid tank eliminates liner failures by containing the acid in a polyethylene bladder inside the tank, isolating the interior walls and preventing  contact with the acid. This allows the tank itself to become the required secondary containment structure.

The goal with this revolutionary product is to completely eliminate acid tank leaks and spills, and we believe our new acid tank design will set a new standard in the oilfield. There is no comparable acid tank currently on the market, and Texoma MFG is the only acid tank manufacturer bringing new technology to the market.

Leak-Proof Acid Tank Features:

  • 500 Bbl capacity
  • Proprietary bladder
  • Acid resistant interior liner (interior walls)
  • Acid resistant valves\
  • Fill line
  • Acid resistant manway seals
  • Inspection hatch on top of tank
  • Vent on top of tank
  • Inspection port at rear of tank
  • Painted white for temperature control 


  • Eliminate damages & costs from leaks and spills
  • Reduce environmental liability
  • Enhance safety
  • Reduce tank operating costs
  • Reduce secondary containment costs
  • Annual maintenance service
  • Manufacturer field support

Field Maintenance & Support

Texoma MFG offers field maintenance programs to ensure tank integrity and condition, and provide all customers with on-call acid tank specialists to help troubleshoot issues in the field. Other acid tank manufacturers do not offer this level of field support.


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