Storm Shelters

Texoma Manufacturing two types of storm protection solutions for those who live in Tornado Alley: Inground Storm Shelters and Above-ground Safe Rooms. Both are specially designed to withstand tornadoes, built entirely of steel to the dimensions of your choosing, and available for both residential and commercial use. Pictured below are the dimensions of two shelters we've built, but we can custom build to any dimension. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you build a shelter that is right for you!

Ready Goose Hitch
Gooseneck Hitch Manufacturers in Oklahoma for Your Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck

Our highly sought-after Ready Goose Hitches are available for most heavy duty trucks, including Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC models.


Frac Tank Manufacturers

Perfect for use on the oilfield, our 500 BBL V-Bottom Storage Tanks are 45’ in length, 8’ 6” in width, 9’ 8” in height. The sides are composed of 1/4” corrugated steel plate tank construction, the floor is 1/4” steel plate tank construction, and the kingpin has a 1” ground clearance when ready to work.


Steel & Metal Fabricators Oklahoma, Texas

Fabrication Services Oklahoma

We provide quality solutions for virtually any metal fabrication need, no matter how big or small!

Refuse Containers Oklahoma

We manufacture fully enclosed refuge containers and recycle bins, that prevent even the most lightweight items from flying out and littering your property. An excellent alternative to conventional open-top recycle bins.


Trailer Jack | Drop Leg Trailer Jack

Our Original Trailer Jack is spring loaded with a drop-leg jack, and can handle up to a 15,000 lb.. static load. Our Jost/Crain Trailer Jack features high-tech drop-leg landing gear, and offers fast high-gear lowering, easier lifting by hand, and patented double reduction for powerful lifting in low gear.